5 Steps to Begin Your Maid's First Day


Welcoming a new maid properly at her first day is important A good start can influence how comfortable your maid feel at her workplace and impact her ability to delivery excellent results. Provide a complete job orientation allow new maid to overcome confusion of her new roles and become productive sooner, which boost her overall performance.

In this article, we explore what orientation involves and provide some tips to help you prepare for your orientation.

The following steps can help you create an effective first day for new maid.

1. Give your new hire maid a good tour of your house

Walk through the entire house with your new maid. This allows them to get familiar with their surroundings and feel more comfortable about their workplace. During the house tour, you can provide more information about each place and teach them how to use electric appliances (eg. Washing machine, cooker, TV…)

2. Introduce new maid to your family

Setting up a time meet with your family will help your new maid gain a big picture of your family relationship and more comfortable to work for them. You should properly introduce each family member and explain their characteristic and daily routine. This is important particularly at the start of the working relationship.

3. Discuss clearly her responsibilities

At her first day, discussing job description is essential. Proper explain their main objectives and the work they need to do. This allow them to understand your expectation in the long run. Demonstration is strongly suggested to show your expectation and requirements. Set a daily schedule can help your maid become more organized and efficient while performing her duties. It also helps you arrange and maintain your maid’ schedules in an organized manner.

4. Emergency contacts & safety issues

Provide a list of names and phone number of the persons who must be contacted in case of emergency (eg. Families contact, ambulance service, police, fire station). You should describe how to call for help in case of injury or illness. Besides that, explain and show your maid where is the first aid kits, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, fire exits and fire alarm pull, as applicable so your maid develops knowledge and skills that are necessary to work in a safe and healthy manner.

5. Terms & Conditions of employment

Discuss clearly the salary, payment method and working hours before work is essential. You can even talk about the opportunity of wage increase or bonus upon her performance. A successful orientation helps the maid to adapt to newer surroundings. It does take time and commitment but it usually helps you and the families in the long run.

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