How to Apply Check Out Memo

Upon completion or termination of your maid's employment, you must ensure that your maid is deported to her origin countries by using Check Out Memo. This is to remove her employment records from you.


7/30/20221 min read

This Check Out Memo mainly involves resignation, dismissal, expiry of contract, resignation due to illness, etc. The main purpose of doing this COM is to protect the legal status of labor visa holders from being blacklisted by Malaysia Immigration. If the employer fails to declare COM, it will affect your quota for applying for a maid in the future and you will also need to pay a fine.

[Check Out Memo Application]

  1. The Check Out Memo is issued to foreign workers/ foreign domestic helpers to facilitate their return to their country of origin.

  2. To apply for the Check Out Memo, the employer should submit the required documents:

    • Application form for Check Out Memo

    • Copy of Original passport of the foreign worker.

    • Ticket for the foreign worker to return to the country of origin.

  3. The employer should ensure that the foreign employees return to their country of origin via the requested exit point on the date stipulated in the Check Out Memo.

  4. If the employer fails to apply for the Check Out Memo, the foreign workers are still considered to be under his employment and the employer is still responsible for the foreign workers.

The process can be done via FWCMS online. Alternatively, Hatiwaja provide Check Out Memo service at your convenience. Drop us a message now.

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