How To Choose The Right Helper


  1. Identify your hiring needs

    Before you started with the hiring process, it is essential to take the time to look into the hiring needs. Knowing your recruitment need can ease the entire hiring process and ensure positive outcome. Communicating your needs and hiring criteria to our agent and we will find a suitable candidate for you.

  2. Find a trustworthy agency

    Searching for helper can be a frustrating and long experience. However, there are professionals that can help you navigate this process and ensure a worry-free experience with your newly-employed helper. Agensi Pekerjaan Hatiwaja is a trustworthy licensed agency with no hidden costs and practice ethical recruitment. To see more tips on how to find a correct agency, please visit our website below.

  3. Background of helper

    Based on your needs, our agent will share across the suitable candidates profiles to you. The profiles will show the candidate background information, previous job experience, and relevant education or training, including certifications. This can help you to assess the candidates suitability with your household need, childcare or nursing care.

    Financial Status

    One of the important factor to take note in the selection process is the helper's family situation and financial status, this can help to determine whether the helper has strong financial reason to work in Malaysia.

    Experience level

    Young helper who has lower experience level are more eager to learn, less demanding and more sincere at the workplace. However, lack of experience will require more trainings and patience to groom them. In contrast, helper with higher experience level are better equipped to respond to new environment with their previous experiences. Thus, less training is required. However, older helper tend to have their old habits in working and may need some time to cope with new working procedures. These factor should be considered before you select your helper so you have a clear idea of what to expect and how to train your helper to meet your needs.

  4. Personality

    When working with our agency, Hatiwaja, you can be confident that we will get you an interview during your selection process. Interview provides you with an opportunity to determine if a potential helper's skills, experience, manner and personality meet the job's requirements. If you are looking for a helper that will assist with childcare, bring your kids when interviewing, same to elderly care. From this, you will be able to observe if the helper is trying to engage with your families.

  5. Language and Culture

    Engaging a helper who can understand your language can help to reduce the risk of miscommunication in future. In addition, whether your prospective maid come from which country, it is important to understand and respect their cultural and religious. For example, Muslim helper pray five times a day as little as five minutes each time, so employer should understand the helper and her religious needs.

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How to choose the right helper? How to find domestic maid? Reliable maid agency in Malaysia.
How to choose the right helper? How to find domestic maid? Reliable maid agency in Malaysia.