How to Manage Domestic Maid


Domestic maids make our life easier and convenient. Learn to understand their needs and make good relationship them will definitely benefit your life in all ways. To avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary conflict, a strong bond of trust and respect is a must from both parties.

1. Set Clear Expectation

When your maid first starts out, make it very clear what is expected of her and what her duties will consist of. To make it concrete, have a work timetable with detailed job description, and other ground rules you wish to establish. Once your maid begins, be sure to communicate exactly how you want things done, from how to use house appliances, cleaning the house, take care of elderly to disciplining the kids. Please allow some time for maid to make adjustment and if something isn't to your liking, you must speak up.

2. Mutual respect from both parties

No one wants to feel like they are disregarded. A mutual respect from both parties are encouraged which it can help to reduce possible conflict and problems, and increase productivity and understanding. Always communicate in a polite manner, call her respectfully by her name, use words (please; excuse me; thank you). Besides, treat her like one of your family member, treat her well and take care of her basic needs as she has left her family to serve you.

3. Provide sufficient rest time

Overwork and burden can make your maid sick, or a possibility she will quit the job, which eventually affected you and your domestic work. Ideally, the daily rest would include the period between 21.00 and 06.00 to allow for sufficient sleep and recuperation. Also, allow meal breaks, paid annual leave and leave for family events and emergencies; in this way, she will be happy and satisfied. Eg: You can allow her to take an hour rest after the hard work. Please make sure that this freedom is not excessive as this could lead to negligence in house chores.

4. Be communicative

Whether you have compliments or complaints, make sure you touch base with your maid consistently and often. You may held weekly meeting discuss not only her performance, but also how she feels within her role and any suggestion you have for moving forward. Acknowledge not only what your maid can improve upon, but also acknowledge areas where she is thriving. If she feels you're open to talking, she'll be more likely to approach you with ideas and concerns.

5. Show appreciation

According to studies, workers work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. You can do this in small ways by keeping things like her favorite snacks in the fridge, a thank you card, or big ways by giving her a bonus or pay raise. Your every little action could make their day and keep them motivated.

Overall, don't forget that a maid/employer relationship is a complex and emotional one as we were raised by different people in different environment. There are going to be up and down and don't expect this one to be perfect either. Like any great relationship, it will take a lot of communication, understanding, sympathy and balance. But when it works, you’ll go beyond just employer/employee. You’ll feel like family.

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