What to Do When Your Maid Run Away?

While we are unable to control the act of helper run away, it is always good to prepared and have the knowledge on what to do and how to minimize the associated costs.


7/8/20222 min read

In the event that your maid is nowhere to be found, it is definitely worrying for an employer. If you ever find yourself in this alarming situation, we’ve prepared a resource guide on what you should do when your maid is missing.

  1. Check Her Room and Belonging

    When you suspect your domestic maid can't be found, the first things to do is check her room for her belongings (especially passport, wallet and handphone). If they're still there, then chances are she'll be back. On the contrary, if they're gone, it is reasonable to assume that your domestic maid has run away.

  2. Do the Search

    • Next, immediately contact your employment agency and let them know about your missing domestic maid, in case your maid has ran back to the agency. The maid agency also can help to keep an eye on your helper and inform you should she appear at their premises. Your agency will also be able to advise you on their end.

    • Check with your neighbors/families if they have last seen your maid or if they have any clue on your maid's whereabouts. You should also do a search around your house to check if she is hovering around.

  3. Notify the Police

    If you fail to find your worker within 24 hours, you must call the police and file a report. By doing so, not only are you proving you fulfilled your search duties, but you also get professional help in locating her.

  4. Cancel Work Permit

    Next, you should cancel the work permit of the maid within 7 days. If you do not cancel the maid permit, you may be held responsibilities for any possible unlawful act by your domestic worker such as illegal employment. And once the work permit is cancelled, the domestic worker will become an overstayer and she may be fined or jailed before she is repatriated.

  5. Review Employment Contract

    Review your domestic worker's employment contract and check the company replacement policies. Hatiwaja provides replacement for absconded maids within 3 months guarantee period.

[How to Cancel Work Permit]

The employer/reporter must be present at the relevant Immigration Office to submit the following documents to cancel the Foreign Worker / Foreign Domestic Helper’s permit.

  • Letter of application to cancel the PL (KS) of the foreign worker who has absconded.

  • Copy of employer’s / representative’s identity card

  • Copy passport of foreign worker who has absconded

  • Foreign Worker Abscond Report Form issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia

  • Certified copy of Police Report

  • Foreign Domestic Helpers who have absconded will be blacklisted.

  • Employers are required to pay a compound (Indonesian maid RM250) depending on the nationality to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

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